Every week, we sit down with you to have an insightful discussion of a film. Rather than rambling on about a film and providing unclear information, we select a certain aspect of a film and organize it in terms of our Semesters. We distribute the episodes based on full length film discussions, scene breakdowns, featured film discussions, and films that you may submit.

Full Length Film Episodes

Twice a month we release a full length film episode where we discuss our overall perception of the film and our thoughts on the film ranging from one or more of the FSM Semesters.

Scene Breakdowns

We also release Scene Breakdown episodes where we elaborate on a certain point from an episode to illustrate what we discussed. These episodes may also be produced based on submissions from the FSM community and also tie in with Visual Essays.

Featured Film Talks

As new films are released, we will release podcast episodes based on those upcoming releases and tie them in with past films or elements in our Semesters. We will also be releasing episodes where we discuss films we love and maybe films we don't love. Use the button below to submit a film for us to possibly discuss!

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